Meaning of teenybopper in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtiːnɪˌbɒpə/

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  • A young teenager, typically a girl, who keenly follows the latest fashions in clothes and pop music.

    • ‘It's a delightful piece of work that may not exactly appeal to the teeny-boppers, but then Daniel is not looking to teeny-boppers as his audience.’
    • ‘Tension among teeny-boppers is reaching fever pitch as music fans wait impatiently for Gareth to take centre stage at the Party in The Park.’
    • ‘Perhaps one day I'll grow out of my teeny-bopper like obsession/crush on Jason.’
    • ‘Hardly hell raisers by the standards set by other crews in this article, these 80s teeny-boppers nonetheless somehow carved a niche for themselves in cinema history.’
    • ‘In the editing process, much of the conspiracy plot was left on the cutting room floor, and all of the ‘jump beats’ and action to scare teeny-boppers were left in with little context.’
    • ‘And it was a little annoying to see and hear the teeny-boppers singing along to songs off their latest release, having never heard anything from their past efforts.’
    • ‘‘This is one of the reasons why I hate teeny-boppers,’ he said, rolling his eyes.’
    • ‘The problem is that there are two types of women here… teeny-boppers and 80-year-old widows.’
    • ‘Her words speak to a gamut of music lovers from teeny-boppers to grown folks and the gay community.’
    • ‘The startlingly weird style of some of Japan's teenagers, which is proving as controversial as punk style in the 70s, has fashion pundits across the globe poring over their teeny-bopper magazines for inspiration.’
    • ‘A teeny-bopper lugs in the vessel containing the all important medicine, a middle aged woman scoops out spoonfuls and fills them in small containers that are handed over to the patients.’
    • ‘This was deliberately aimed at lengthening the shelf-life of the teeny-bopper bands by not forcing them to do anything more than the single, an instrumental and a couple of remixes.’
    • ‘You and your teeny-bopper friends are so thick!’
    • ‘By the time he graduated high school he was already in a popular band in England pleasing the teeny-bopper crowd.’
    • ‘I was becoming an every-day ordinary teeny-bopper girl.’
    • ‘Stores tend to specialize in specific fashion niches, such as trendy teeny-bopper gear, extra-large sizes, pet fashions and pseudo-ethnic wear.’
    • ‘My last exposure to her was some teeny-bopper film poster at a theatre.’
    • ‘I grew up watching these guys when they started out as teeny-bopper material.’
    • ‘I hesitate to think that the firm deceptively put this out just to attract potential teeny-bopper customers who would fall for it.’
    • ‘At this rate all this teeny-bopper sibling drama and turmoil would take out all the energy in me.’
    youngster, young one, little one, boy, girl