Meaning of teething troubles in English:

teething troubles


plural noun

(also teething problems)
  • Short-term problems that occur in the early stages of a new project.

    ‘the inevitable teething troubles of a new system’
    • ‘But he said the problems were early teething problems connected with the new finance system.’
    • ‘But these are early days and such teething troubles should be forgiven in this first collaboration between two great art collections.’
    • ‘The Scottish parliament is a good idea, but has had the inevitable teething troubles which one would expect at the initial stages.’
    • ‘There were some early teething problems with that.’
    • ‘Once we got over those early teething problems, we relished living so close to town.’
    • ‘According to industry experts, it had teething problems in the early days but the problems are sorting themselves out and it's on track for success.’
    • ‘Although the technology to equip networks to allow GPRS roaming is available, it is still in its infancy and somewhat complex, resulting in many teething troubles for early adopters.’
    • ‘The inappropriate classification of a bogus site illustrates the early teething troubles of anti-phishing technology that may take some time to resolve.’
    • ‘We put it down to teething problems and weren't averse to giving it another try.’
    • ‘Now we have the early, teething problems, and we need to make minor corrections to the direction of the Building Act in order to clear up some of those problems.’
    • ‘No major capital project can be completed without teething problems.’
    • ‘The initial stages saw the institution go through teething troubles.’
    • ‘There are always teething troubles with this sort of thing, but we did very well.’
    • ‘Lots of new restaurants have teething troubles.’
    • ‘Yes, of course, there are the odd teething troubles, such as the boiler not working properly, but the joy of seeing it all fall into place more than compensates.’
    • ‘It seems to have got over its teething troubles.’
    • ‘But they love their lifestyle in Italy, despite the teething troubles.’
    • ‘Hopefully these are just teething troubles, and will be resolved soon.’
    • ‘The move has caused numerous teething troubles, which have been time-consuming to sort out.’
    • ‘Of course there were some teething troubles, but it is now up and running.’