Meaning of teetotaller in English:


Pronunciation /tiːˈtəʊt(ə)lə/

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  • A person who never drinks alcohol.

    ‘He said ‘all the good studies’ of drinkers versus teetotallers suggested adults drinking one to two units per day, equivalent to one to two standard glasses of wine or half-pints of beer, had a 20% lower risk of stroke than abstainers.’
    • ‘Still, even teetotalers should enjoy themselves here, though maybe not as much as aspiring wine geeks, who could easily spend the meal perusing the extensive, user-friendly list.’
    • ‘The survey shows you don't want to be a teetotaler if you want to get on in your job.’
    • ‘This argument isn't coming from a old-fogey teetotaler.’
    • ‘He actively disliked non-smokers and merrily mocked teetotallers.’
    • ‘I am a strict vegetarian, non-smoker and a teetotaller.’
    • ‘A teetotaller and non-smoker, he is a keep fit enthusiast.’
    • ‘This teetotaller and non-smoker is very much a family man, and spends his spare time helping his wife tend to their large collection of bonsai plants.’
    • ‘He is a non-smoker and a teetotaller but has suffered from coronary complications that required surgery over a year ago.’
    • ‘Which drink is likely to confer a similar benefit on teetotallers?’
    • ‘The 78-year-old former Prime Minister was a teetotaller and wanted to demonstrate that a life of alcohol abstinence could lessen the effects of advancing age.’
    • ‘You don't have to become a teetotaller but limit your drinking to two drinks a day and give yourself one alcohol free day each week.’
    • ‘He used to enjoy a few drinks and cigarettes, but he is now a teetotaller.’
    • ‘People who drink could just be smarter and better educated than teetotalers, he says.’
    • ‘Are you looking for social activities that don't involve drinking or are you trying to be an inconspicuous teetotaler?’
    • ‘His mother was a teetotaler and his military veteran father rarely drank.’
    • ‘The president, a teetotaler since age 40 and a non-smoker - except for an occasional cigar - jogs 3 miles, mostly on a treadmill, at least four times a week.’
    • ‘Data from the British regional heart study, a long running cohort begun in middle aged men, suggests that light drinkers have the same life expectancy as lifelong teetotallers.’
    • ‘‘I'm a teetotaller, meself,’ declares the middle-aged Belfast woman seated opposite me.’
    non-drinker, abstainer
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