Meaning of tegu in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtɛɡuː/

nounplural noun tegu, plural noun tegus

  • A large stocky lizard that has dark skin with pale cross-bands of small spots, native to the tropical forests of South America.

    Genus Tupinambis, family Teiidae: several species, in particular the common tegu (T. teguixin)

    ‘Some nests had clearly been raided by tegus - large black-and-white lizards common in the reserve - and jaguar footprints and scratch marks on trees near nests implicated the big cats as well.’
    • ‘Adult Argentinian black and white tegus can have a variety of fruits and vegetables added to their diet.’
    • ‘Argentine Black and White tegus begin breeding here in Florida around mid March until mid April.’
    • ‘Even though red tegus from Argentina and Paraguay are both the same species technically, I was told that those from Paraguay are smaller in size than their Argentinian counterparts.’
    • ‘The common tegu has black and white stripes or spots with smooth scales and are similar in build to monitor species.’


1950s abbreviation of teguexin, from Aztec tecoixin ‘lizard’.