Meaning of tekke in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtɛkeɪ/

nounplural noun tekkes

  • A monastery of dervishes, especially in Ottoman Turkey.

    ‘Generally, this aid included the restoration of tekkes so that tekkes accepted the sovereignty of the state.’
    • ‘In many Sufi traditions, the tekke is the place of devotion and worship for dervishes of a particular Sufi Order.’
    • ‘Under the Ottomans they lived in tekkes or lodges, which were similar in nature to monasteries, and lived off alms.’
    • ‘In Kruje there are eleven tekkes and shrines, and one of the oldest is the Dollma Tekke located at the Castle of Kruje.’
    • ‘The Mevlevi dervishes no longer walk through the doors of the three-hundred-year-old wooden tekkes on a weekly basis and whirl barefoot on the polished wood floors of the semahane.’