Meaning of telegrapher in English:


Pronunciation /tɪˈlɛɡrəfə/


See telegraph

‘The heyday of the telegrapher as a highly paid, highly skilled information worker was over; telegraphers ' brief tenure as members of an elite community with mastery over a miraculous, cutting-edge technology had come to an end.’
  • ‘Whimsically, he notes that the Dutch called the volcano Krakatau, and that English telegraphers and journalists misspelled the name for perpetuity.’
  • ‘Ticker symbols began as telegraphers ' informal shorthand, but today they are registered with the various exchanges.’
  • ‘‘Is there anything I can do to help Emma? ‘asked the telegrapher.’’
  • ‘She wishes to be a mathematician, a senator, a telegrapher, doctor, and so on, and so great is her frustration, that she wants to become everything at once.’