Meaning of telegraphese in English:


Pronunciation /ˌtɛlɪɡrəˈfiːz/

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mass noun informal
  • The terse, abbreviated style of language used in telegrams.

    • ‘Curiously enough, however, as an aid to memory in the spelling of words the telegraphese is useful.’
    • ‘In fact, unquote should really be end quote: unquote is a relic of telegraphese - but let's not get too picky.’
    • ‘Would this be an appropriate moment to draw to your attention the interesting case of postcardese, a derivative of telegraphese perhaps.’
    • ‘The telegraph girl should be discreet and show no interest in meaning; her task is translate English or whatever language into telegraphese.’
    • ‘ASAP - as soon as possible - is one of the remnants of telegraphese.’