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mass noun
  • The supposed ability to move objects at a distance by mental power or other non-physical means.

    ‘she possesses the power of telekinesis’
    • ‘The mediums demonstrated every variety of psychic power from clairvoyance and clairaudience to telekinesis and telepathy.’
    • ‘Most psychics trained in three disciplines, usually telepathy, telekinesis, and another one.’
    • ‘Get some rest and we'll start with telepathy and telekinesis in the morning.’
    • ‘The crystals were the legendary power crystals of electricity, earth, fire, telekinesis, and power.’
    • ‘His power is through telekinesis and his mind; he's virtually indestructible.’
    • ‘It would have required the use of supernormal powers, specifically telekinesis.’
    • ‘Steven soon develops the same powers they have - telepathy, teleportation, and telekinesis.’
    • ‘She had chosen to work on her metamorphic abilities and telekinesis.’
    • ‘With telekinesis, you could rearrange your office with a mere thought.’
    • ‘They can control your mind and move objects via telekinesis!’
    • ‘That was not entirely true, as she could feel a small ability of telekinesis, but nothing she could use against him.’
    • ‘One of the most basic psionic abilities, though, was telekinesis.’
    • ‘In our world some unusually gifted people are able to demonstrate with modest success that telekinesis and levitation exist.’
    • ‘Perhaps children even posses abilities we do not; intuition, foresight; perhaps even telekinesis.’
    • ‘The powers I'm speaking of are an advanced form of telekinesis.’
    • ‘He is unable to use his telekinesis consciously, and it only manifests when he is under considerable stress or any other extreme emotion.’
    • ‘Daniel's power is more or less a form of personal telekinesis.’
    • ‘On the third day, I finally got my hand on something; moving objects without touching them is called telekinesis.’
    • ‘I had never seen her mother though but it was said that she also had telekinesis.’
    • ‘Chloe has telekinesis, which basically means she can move things just by willing it.’



/ˌtɛlɪkɪˈniːsɪs/ /ˌtɛlɪkʌɪˈniːsɪs/


Late 19th century from tele-‘at a distance’ + Greek kinēsis ‘motion’ (from kinein ‘to move’).