Meaning of telemark in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtɛlɪmɑːk/


(also telemark turn)
  • A turn, performed on skis to which only the toe of each boot is fixed, with the outer ski advanced and the knee bent.

    as modifier ‘telemark skiing’
    • ‘Ken was the better skier - his diagonal stride more graceful, his skating technique cleaner, his telemark turn stronger.’
    • ‘As we dropped in elevation, the snow improved, getting lighter and deeper with each telemark turn.’
    • ‘An accomplished telemark skier appears to be dancing down the hill - rhythmically changing lead skis, dropping a knee, heel lifted on the trailing ski.’
    • ‘Now we have telemark skis, touring skis and skating skis.’
    • ‘It can be used for telemark, backcountry touring, and downhill, and is not wedded to tracks because it is shorter, wider, and more stable than traditional cross-country skis.’


no object, with adverbial
  • Perform a telemark turn while skiing.

    ‘they went telemarking silently through the trees’
    • ‘Free-heel skiing refers to what's often called telemarking or ‘tele, ‘and means skiing without your heels latched down, often using the genuflect-style telemark turn.’’
    • ‘Although the trees seemed tight, the consistently deep snow made telemarking easy.’
    • ‘The enormously popular Outing Club runs local climbing, telemarking, and backpacking trips, as well as summer expeditions to South America and Alaska.’
    • ‘Individual and group lessons are offered in classic, skating and telemark techniques.’
    • ‘If you're a bored alpine skier, instead of telemarking try new terrain, change your style, or explore lift accessed backcountry runs near your ski area.’


Early 20th century named after Telemark, a district in Norway, where it originated.