Meaning of telemedicine in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtɛlɪˌmɛd(ɪ)s(ɪ)n/


mass noun
  • The remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology.

    ‘Computer systems already exist that make ‘diagnoses’ and telemedicine can transmit images and information across the world.’
    • ‘The UK multicentre teledermatology trial is evaluating the use of real time telemedicine for delivering dermatological health care.’
    • ‘The advancements in telemedicine will link clinicians with patients across great distances.’
    • ‘Of 230 consecutive patients seen by telemedicine, only seven had to be transferred to the regional neurology unit.’
    • ‘Officials estimate that several thousand patients have benefited from telemedicine over the past two years.’
    • ‘Is it suitable for initial consultations, or do patients find it more acceptable to use telemedicine technology just for follow up appointments?’
    • ‘More recently, a European project recommended the accreditation of healthcare related software, telemedicine, and internet sites.’
    • ‘This article describes the use of biofeedback to treat various pain and psychophysiological disorders through telemedicine technology.’
    • ‘It's not yet clear whether the current law relates to telemedicine in the same way it does for other medical specialties, or whether entirely new legal issues will surface.’
    • ‘Medical specialties that rely on images to formulate a diagnosis lend themselves to the store-and-forward method of telemedicine.’
    • ‘The use of telemedicine will allow one's whole medical record to be sent from one part of America to another within seconds.’
    • ‘New areas include tissue engineering, telemedicine and bioinformatics - the technology of the genomic revolution.’
    • ‘Riding on the latest medical advancements, telemedicine, if applied with proper plan and vision can actually transform the whole arena of medical care.’
    • ‘However, the main problem in telemedicine is not a lack of technology; rather, it is the organisational problem of knowing how to take advantage of the technology.’
    • ‘Inevitably, many patients will be managed through some form of telemedicine.’
    • ‘Perhaps more than in any other area of new technology, the cost effectiveness of telemedicine is location specific.’
    • ‘The new technology - called telemedicine - has been supplied to most major hospitals around the country by the foundation.’
    • ‘To answer some of these questions, digital images used for telemedicine should be compared with in-person assessments.’
    • ‘When implemented well, telemedicine may allow developing countries to leapfrog over their developed neighbours in successful health care delivery.’
    • ‘Telepathology is one of the fastest growing branches of telemedicine.’