Meaning of teleological argument in English:

teleological argument


  • The argument for the existence of God from the evidence of order, and hence design, in nature.

    • ‘The most important of those proofs were the ontological argument, the cosmological argument, and the teleological argument.’
    • ‘So it is very hard to see how the teleological argument, any more than the cosmological, can overturn the argument from evil.’
    • ‘What about the various arguments that have been proposed for the existence of God - the traditional cosmological and teleological arguments for example?’
    • ‘Apocalyptic narratives of nations, immersed in teleological arguments, necessarily introduce the problem of majorities and minorities, of insiders and outsiders.’
    • ‘It explains how to understand power laws, the Gaia hypothesis, and ‘self-organized criticality’ without devolving into reification, teleological argument, appeals to the mystical, or other intellectual short-cuts.’