Meaning of telephone call in English:

telephone call

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  • A communication or conversation by telephone.

    ‘I had an important telephone call from Geneva’
    • ‘Two honest professional men have different recollections of what was said in an important telephone call.’
    • ‘I stood and waited while the security guard made a telephone call.’
    • ‘In a statement, Jessica said she was on her computer before answering a telephone call from someone wanting to speak to her dad.’
    • ‘But in their last telephone call in September he refused and said that he planned to go on in his attempts to seek custody.’
    • ‘On receiving a telephone call asking him to arrange delivery of the raffle prize, he asked that it be entrusted to Royal Mail.’
    • ‘It has been confirmed Robert made a telephone call to a girl who lives nearby the afternoon he disappeared.’
    • ‘She also received a telephone call from her son three days before his death in which he said he was excited about seeing his family again.’
    • ‘But she has now managed to make a telephone call to let her family know she's OK.’
    • ‘Once registered with the service the client receives a regular telephone call at an agreed time.’
    • ‘The couple made an emotional appeal for help to find a donor as they wait for the telephone call that could save the life of their only child.’
    • ‘He received a telephone call on that day to be told of the shocking murders.’
    • ‘A locker room attendant approached with word of an urgent telephone call.’
    • ‘Then, a few weeks ago, out of the blue, he received a telephone call from someone at the University of York.’
    • ‘On his arrival home he receives a telephone call during which the same number is mentioned.’
    • ‘The family was unaware of the incident until Monday evening, when they received a telephone call.’
    • ‘The plot was about how an unexpected telephone call changes the life of a young woman.’
    • ‘Never buy off the doorstep or as the result of an unsolicited telephone call.’
    • ‘People are usually directed to a website following the receipt of a telephone call or letter.’
    • ‘The man said he didn't realise he didn't have the full amount and made a brief telephone call.’
    • ‘Following the murder he was identified by a telephone call made by him to police.’
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