Meaning of television station in English:

television station


  • An organization transmitting television programmes.

    ‘And for example there was a television station closed down there permanently last year.’
    • ‘Channel M is a free television station for Manchester, transmitting on frequency 39.’
    • ‘It is owned by the same company that owns a television station and a radio station in Chicago and more of them around the country.’
    • ‘I wanted to be a program editor and a reporter for a television station.’
    • ‘His story was broadcasted by a Winnipeg television station last week and published in a Winnipeg newspaper this week.’
    • ‘She instead called a local television station to broadcast a message of safety to her family.’
    • ‘My last full time job as a journalist was with a television station in Boston.’
    • ‘A French television station breaks off from normal programmes to let its ousted boss tearfully plead for his job back.’
    • ‘He won the rights to broadcast this version of the game on his television station.’
    • ‘Send a press release and photos to local papers or the assignment editor at the local television station.’
    • ‘He owns a recording label, a television station, three radio stations and a basketball team.’
    • ‘We also had a local television station create a commercial that would best reach the targeted population.’
    • ‘Owning a press, or a television station or a magazine is a capital intensive proposition.’
    • ‘Another trip could be a visit to a local television station where you and your child can observe the action behind the scenes.’
    • ‘In most cases, the first step is an internship at a television station.’
    • ‘And there's no reason why a television station should not give free time to the candidates.’
    • ‘I called the television station and asked to see the medical research that had been used to document the show.’
    • ‘A crew from a local television station duly arrived that afternoon.’
    • ‘Some 18 candidates began campaigning and each was promised equal time on the local television station.’
    • ‘By then I had some connection with a Japanese television station, and once in a while I would send some films to them as news.’