Meaning of tell its own story in English:

tell its own story


(also tell its own tale)
  • Be significant or revealing, without any further explanation or comment being necessary.

    ‘the fans and their reaction told its own story’
    • ‘the worried expression on Helen's face told its own tale’
    • ‘The frayed and severed string told its own tale.’
    • ‘The hearty round of applause told its own story.’
    • ‘Her worn and malnourished face told its own story.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the Dublin episode told its own story.’
    • ‘The look on their faces told its own story as they tried to take in the dreadful news of the tragedy that had befallen this community.’
    • ‘The drooped heads and lost facial expressions on Sunday evening last told its own story.’
    • ‘And at the end of the day an embarrassing 146 run defeat just about told its own story.’
    • ‘The second half score of 2-8 to 0-5 tells its own tale.’
    • ‘The imagery tells its own story, though, as well.’
    • ‘The families and the children have, for the most part, stayed in the community that supported them through the nightmare, which tells its own story in terms of how the islanders regarded the outcome of the affair.’