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Pronunciation /ˈtɛlə/

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  • 1North American A person employed to deal with customers' transactions in a bank.

    ‘But the only jobs they were hiring women for in the bank were tellers and secretaries.’
    • ‘Inside the bank building, five robbers dressed in black cloaks and Halloween masks upheld a reign of terror over the helpless customers and bank tellers trapped inside.’
    • ‘The cuts will affect few workers who deal directly with customers, such as tellers, he said.’
    • ‘On any given day, interaction with hairdressers, wait staff, bank tellers, and store clerks may be a challenging, if not frustrating experience.’
    • ‘Bank tellers began strike action on January 31, in a dispute over a productivity drive.’
    • ‘A growing number of workers, whether they are college professors, bank tellers, or quality control engineers, sit in front of computer terminals.’
    • ‘French bank tellers are getting anxious as well.’
    • ‘Operating room nurses, surgeons, bank tellers, cashiers and other people who must spend hours on their feet find compression hosiery helpful in combating circulatory problems and leg fatigue.’
    • ‘It didn't quite work out like that: he has been a bank teller and a bookshop assistant, as well as an English teacher and an impoverished student.’
    • ‘One of them strikes up a relationship with the bank teller who opens their joint account, while the other two eventually tussle over loneliness and personal responsibility.’
    • ‘For example, 100 percent of our people, even part-time tellers, have stock options, so that's the company performance mechanism.’
    • ‘The bank teller accepted the cheque, having no reason not to do so, attached it to the deposit slip and forwarded it to the bank's processing depot.’
    • ‘Young women are given jobs in the most visible positions in the service sector, such as retail sales, bank tellers, and secretarial work.’
    • ‘Jenna was a teller at the bank where Jamie's accounts were.’
    • ‘Middle-class women commonly are employed as teachers and bank tellers, while upper-class women work as doctors, lawyers, engineers, and university teachers.’
    • ‘The manager and the cop were still talking as the teller let the customer through the security gate.’
    • ‘He worked as a bank teller for nine months and saved $50.’
    • ‘The bank teller disappeared for another ten minutes.’
    • ‘The bank teller, a big burly man, asked him to wait for one more moment.’
    • ‘Queuing theory can be used to model the waiting queue at a bank teller or the flow of cars at the entrance of a bridge.’
    cashier, bank clerk, clerk
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    1. 1.1North American A cashpoint machine.
      ‘the growing use of automatic tellers’
      • ‘To my understanding, he is one of those Scholars who know about Banking and about ATM (Automatic tellers machines).’
      • ‘When you go to the automatic teller machine today, chances are you'll be getting cash out, not putting money in.’
      • ‘The man, aged in his fifties, was shot in his car by bandits who tried to rob him after a visit to an automatic teller machine.’
      • ‘In Houston, a citizen is shot and robbed at an automatic teller machine.’
      • ‘Go to an automatic teller machine today, press a button, and you are in the middle of a global network of incredible complexity and even elegance.’
      • ‘It is also supposed to allow me to get money from an automatic teller machine by flashing my arm instead of punching in my PIN number.’
      • ‘Automatic teller machines, automatic banking, debit cards, credit cards, smart cards, and computer software, are other media by which money changes hands today.’
      • ‘For many people, the automatic teller machine has now become a necessity.’
      • ‘My parents for instance, don't know how to use an automatic teller machine.’
      • ‘A client leaves a bank after a withdrawal from an automatic teller machine.’
      • ‘The retirees require an automatic teller machine card, which they must obtain in person at a bank.’
      • ‘For example, when I share my bank account PIN with an automatic teller machine, I trust that the ATM will not share my PIN with an inappropriate third party.’
      • ‘At the same meeting on September 15, the bankers rejected the proposal to move up the limits for drawing cash from automatic teller machines.’
      • ‘In addition, the banking regulator received a number of reports of suspected fraud cases involving automatic teller machines (ATMs).’
      • ‘The bank has some 795 branches in Indonesia and two overseas branches, and operates 1,858 automatic teller machines.’
      • ‘Police have raised the alarm after automatic teller machines were targeted at two Morecambe supermarkets.’
      • ‘The card could be used to withdraw cash at Visa automatic teller machines.’
      • ‘Long lines formed outside gas stations and automatic teller machines ran out of cash.’
      • ‘Where is the closest automatic teller machine?’
      • ‘The US and Japan both have adapted the idea of convenience stores providing automatic teller machines.’
    2. 1.2historical (in the UK) each of the four officers of the Exchequer responsible for the receipt and payment of moneys.
      ‘From 1780 to 1834 he held the lucrative sinecure of teller of the Exchequer.’
      • ‘The Teller of the Exchequer acted as the state cashier.’
      • ‘It has already been noticed that his Lordship held the lucrative office of Teller of the Exchequer for sixty years.’
  • 2A person who tells something.

    ‘a foul-mouthed teller of lies’
    • ‘The teller demonstrated, lying on the ground with hands up and eyes wide for the benefit of Bonnie and her mother.’
    • ‘And, while a lie has been told, the teller is not yet a liar.’
    • ‘But Echo was a chatterbox and teller of tales, and many of her stories were lies about the other nymphs and the gods and goddesses.’
    • ‘The story may vary a little with the teller, the time and the place, but it is also a picture of what God did for man.’
    • ‘‘Tales on the rails will be a day out with a difference for all the family and with so many tellers gathered in the one place we'll need lots of listeners,’ she said.’
    • ‘That battle had been fought like the battles of ancient times as heard first hand or even word of mouth by the tellers of tales of when the times were grim and the clash of steel echoed throughout the breath of the land.’
    • ‘The tellers of these tales usually neglect to mention that recycling, composting and public-education programs were introduced along with user pay.’
    • ‘The ‘people of the sea’ are not just the selkies, but also the tellers of the tales, the human beings who peopled the sea with myth and meaning.’
    • ‘In the days before TV and movies, there were enough tellers of ghost stories to provide the same kind of thrills.’
    • ‘His fictional Hoffmann is a great teller of tales, whose life is on the skids; Offenbach was a great entertainer, whose reputation had taken a turn for the worse, leaving him isolated and open to ferocious attack.’
    • ‘HE HAS the reputation of being an expert teller of engrossing tales on the large screen, and that was perhaps the reason why several people in the audience waited patiently to hear him speak.’
    • ‘He features there as the teller of one of the best stories in what is a most lively and amusing book.’
    • ‘A MAN accused of murdering his best friend had such a reputation as a teller of tall tales that many of the witnesses he told about the stabbing refused to believe him, a jury heard yesterday.’
    • ‘The incidence between the ferocious elephant Nalagiri and the Buddha is symbolic and the intervening time is the comprehension of the teller and the listener.’
    • ‘According to her, one ‘has to be a good teller in order to write a good story and provoke reactions.’’
    • ‘This story, like every other story, ties the tellers to one another and to this place.’
    narrator, raconteur, raconteuse
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  • 3A person appointed to count votes, especially in a parliament.

    ‘The tellers count all the votes any candidate has received.’
    • ‘Nominations were finalised for the election of a new committee and we were pleased to welcome Mary who came to officiate also two ladies from Perry Street who acted as tellers and counted all the votes.’
    • ‘Then, three tellers are chosen from among the cardinals, as well as three to bring the ballots of the sick, and three to review the results of the election.’
    • ‘Extra tellers had to be brought in to cope with the rush.’
    • ‘With no love lost between the rivals, there were two clear camps as 78 tellers flicked through the ballot papers.’