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Pronunciation /ˈtɛlɪŋ/

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  • Having a striking or revealing effect; significant.

    ‘a telling argument against this theory’
    • ‘Some of the most brilliant human resources have died at their most productive age and this has had a telling effect on all sectors of our economy.’
    • ‘He was involved in most of his sides scores as he combined with his team mates and either passed to telling effect or was fouled in possession.’
    • ‘Cynics may scoff at all these; but if only implemented strictly, these measures can have a telling effect.’
    • ‘The right word and expression is enough to deliver the punch with telling effect.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, she is determined to continue with her fight that has had a telling effect on her family.’
    • ‘These professional hazards have a telling effect on their health conditions.’
    • ‘The artistes had become more confident after the rehearsals and this had a telling effect on the pace of work.’
    • ‘The trees and their colours in the paintings had a telling effect on viewers.’
    • ‘The type of shows being shown on television have a very telling effect on the minds of our children.’
    • ‘The figures are not only alarming but they have a telling effect on the domestic debt.’
    • ‘Very few might be aware that the name of a person has a telling effect on one's life.’
    • ‘This is unfortunate, because the author is capable of producing telling effects.’
    • ‘There are also significant and telling differences on the question of defense spending.’
    • ‘Falling at the feet of Jesus in front of a crowd is a telling gesture signifying social inferiority.’
    • ‘This enhanced social capacity would be used to telling effect in the coming years of struggle.’
    • ‘I think I'm coming on well fitness-wise, but that flu jab that knocked me back a few weeks ago has had a telling effect.’
    • ‘He uses them to telling effect in the account of a peasant woman living alone, who gives the hungry boy shelter.’
    • ‘A telling and potentially explosive social indicator is the decline in the percentage of teenagers holding jobs.’
    • ‘After the restart, Italy looked the far stronger, continually launching telling breaks but still failing to find the vital pass.’
    • ‘As it happens, this is just one telling detail in a carefully orchestrated tapestry of haunting effects.’
    revealing, significant
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