Meaning of telly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtɛli/

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nounplural noun tellies

informal British
another term for television
‘there'd been a cowboy film on telly’
  • ‘a black-and-white telly’
  • ‘They just keep turning towards the telly if it is on, rather than talking to you.’
  • ‘The others, he knew, would all be sitting around the telly watching the family film.’
  • ‘The telly, the wireless, even the theatre do not evoke the same sense of a communal occasion.’
  • ‘We had the telly on in the corner of the studio watching the mens diving at the Commonwealth Games.’
  • ‘We went back to Paul's for some food and flopped around in front of the telly.’
  • ‘Images of supermodels were sometimes on the telly but I didn't take much notice of them.’
  • ‘There really would be nothing on the telly, but no one could complain about it.’
  • ‘Obviously, it would also highlight the times I spent idling on the sofa in front of the telly.’
  • ‘I overheard one woman complaining that she was sick of seeing it all over the telly, all day long.’
  • ‘We tried to get a look, but there were so many people gathered around such a small telly that we hardly saw a thing.’
  • ‘It seems that being merely nice and inoffensive gets you nowhere on the telly.’
  • ‘A weekday evening in front of the telly wouldn't be complete without a property show.’
  • ‘Next time you watch gymnastics on the telly, just have a look at how the athletes hold their bodies.’
  • ‘Now clothes are on the telly, in broadsheet newspapers and all over the internet.’
  • ‘He is just like he is on the telly, very articulate, full of energy and highly entertaining.’
  • ‘We collapsed in laughter and exhaustion onto the sofa and switched the telly on.’
  • ‘My mum moved the armchairs and the telly and the bookcase out of the sitting room and into the dining room.’
  • ‘Paul came around for dinner and we flicked through holiday brochures in front of the telly.’
  • ‘Paul came around and we ate lunch on our laps in front of repeats on the telly.’
  • ‘We eat while driving in our cars, sitting behind our desks and slumped in front of the telly.’