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  • 1A shaped piece of rigid material used as a pattern for processes such as cutting out, shaping, or drilling.

    ‘Templates, patterns, and drawings guarantee consistency and could be used for generations.’
    • ‘The original full-sized drawing was used as a template to make pattern pieces.’
    • ‘Our plans come complete with full-size templates and step-by-step instructions.’
    • ‘The various shapes were moulded using templates.’
    • ‘He designs templates and traces multiple shapes on large pieces of colored paper.’
    • ‘The plans for this project come with full-size pattern templates.’
    • ‘A template is a ready-made shape that engineers and designers draw around to make perfect curves.’
    • ‘All our plans have traceable templates.’
    • ‘Lay out your paper pattern or template over the flooring material.’
    • ‘Cut out the shapes and use them as a template.’
    • ‘Students were provided with a template to trace the shape on white construction paper.’
    • ‘Make a cardboard template of this piece.’
    • ‘They rarely use templates or fixed patterns.’
    • ‘A cardboard template the size and shape of the finished pocket comes in handy.’
    • ‘She used an adhesive template as a tool, cutting the shapes she wanted.’
    • ‘When many pieces need to be cut the same, use one accurately cut or drilled piece as a template.’
    • ‘Full-sized paper templates were used at the metal plant for cutting the sheet steel.’
    • ‘Punch out the patterns following the template.’
    • ‘Using your pattern as a template, cut the design with a sharp crafts knife.’
    • ‘A template or pattern is essential for accurately cutting your vinyl floor.’
    cast, die, form, matrix, shape, container
    1. 1.1Something that serves as a model for others to copy.
      ‘the plant was to serve as the template for change throughout the company’
      • ‘The airplane served as a template for many future models.’
      • ‘These examples could serve as templates until the new teacher develops his or her own style.’
      • ‘The proposed model could serve as a template for such studies.’
      • ‘This contract has served as a template for the region.’
      • ‘These sketches would later serve as their templates.’
      • ‘The manuals serve as templates for the development of food industry guidelines.’
      • ‘If the Indonesian effort is successful, it could serve as a template to save forests across Southeast Asia.’
      • ‘His influence on mainstream rap-rock is undisputed, serving as the template for other vocalists.’
      • ‘This cliché-riddled film could serve as a template for the perfect feel-good movie.’
      • ‘These are tactics that serve admirably as a template for terrorizing entire nations.’
      • ‘The first few minutes served as a template for the rest of the work.’
      • ‘His approach now looks like a pale copy of an industry template.’
      • ‘The state's new standards are expected to serve as a template for the rest of the country.’
      • ‘This imported furniture was subsequently used as templates for locally made pieces.’
      • ‘This should be used as a guiding procedure and not a rigid template.’
      • ‘It is not possible to provide a template for this process.’
      • ‘This piece might be a conceptual template for the drawings.’
      • ‘Engineers used their modern petrol engine as the template for the new diesel.’
      • ‘The project should become a template for dealing with local businesses.’
      • ‘Ancient patterns or templates are being broken down under the pressure of global, social and economic forces.’
      model, pattern, blueprint, template, archetype, prototype, sample, example, exemplar
    2. 1.2Computing A preset format for a document or file.
      ‘We went looking for templates in the File menu.’
      • ‘Any employee can upload documents or templates that might be useful for anyone else in the organization.’
      • ‘You can alter the look of your email template by changing the graphics and/or fields.’
      • ‘Hire a professional designer to create your website or purchase a website template.’
      • ‘If you're just starting a site, a template can automate the process.’
    3. 1.3Biochemistry A nucleic acid molecule that acts as a pattern for the sequence of assembly of a protein, nucleic acid, or other large molecule.
      as modifier ‘secondary structure in the template strand is eliminated’
      • ‘Messenger RNA molecules are templates for the proteins that carry the main metabolic functions in a cell.’
      • ‘Both strands can act as templates to produce a molecule called ribonucleic acid.’
      • ‘During protein synthesis templates are translated into a sequence of amino acids.’
      • ‘Scientists speculate that the deformed protein acts as a template to reshape healthy proteins.’
      • ‘We were able to identify a possible template for the inserted nucleotides in nearby sequences.’
  • 2A timber or plate used to distribute the weight in a wall or under a support.

    • ‘The templates hold the anchor bolts.’



/ˈtɛmpleɪt/ /ˈtɛmplət/


Late 17th century (as templet): probably from temple+ -et. The change in the ending in the 19th century was due to association with plate.