Meaning of temporal power in English:

temporal power


mass noun
  • The power of a bishop or cleric, especially the Pope, in secular matters.

    ‘the pope's temporal power over the city of Rome’
    • ‘This event rallied the world against the continued temporal power of the pope.’
    • ‘The Pope gained temporal power and dominion.’
    • ‘The temporal power of the pope was suspended.’
    • ‘The group opposed the temporal power of the pope.’
    • ‘The Pope's orders come not from any temporal power but from the celestial realm.’
    • ‘Clerics control the people and theocracy thrives in partnership with temporal power.’
    • ‘The King delegated much of his temporal power to a brother, while retaining the spiritual authority.’
    • ‘The traditional structure of the Catholic Church and its temporal power had ceased to exist.’
    • ‘It will be impossible for the institutional church to restore its spiritual credibility without separating itself from temporal power.’
    • ‘The boundaries of the papacy's temporal power have shifted over the centuries.’
    • ‘The papacy became more insistent on retaining temporal power over the papal states.’
    • ‘Rather than redefining the church's temporal power, he inadvertently ended up undermining it.’
    • ‘Ironically, the end of actual papal temporal power seems to have laid the groundwork for a resurgence of papal influence.’
    • ‘No temporal power is worthy of the veneration that must be reserved for God alone.’
    • ‘Although this power was absolute, it was still a temporal power that could be taken back if that power was abused.’
    • ‘His plan was to establish a temporal power base throughout Italy and beyond.’
    • ‘The unified Italian State destroyed the temporal power of the papacy.’
    • ‘Many priests called for an end to the temporal power of the papacy.’