Meaning of temporally in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtɛmp(ə)rəli/


  • 1With regard to time.

    ‘habitat quality can vary temporally’
    • ‘temporally regulated events’
    • ‘The location - the lake - creates a rhythmical continuity throughout the five-minute video, but no temporally naturalistic narrative unfolds.’
    • ‘He imagines the past not as something temporally distant, to be recalled, but as something spatially proximate, to be touched.’
    • ‘For most of those countries, postcolonial and postcommunist periods temporally coincide.’
    • ‘The action is unexplainable, because it is unconnected to any logically or temporally prior event.’
    • ‘Geographically and temporally, the author covers a lot of ground.’
  • 2In a way that relates to worldly as opposed to spiritual affairs.

    ‘the Pope claimed not only to be our spiritual head, but also temporally to have pre-eminence’
    • ‘The unfailing recurrence of His mercies both temporally and spiritually inclines us to take them as a matter of course.’
    • ‘He is the vicar of the Prophet both spiritually and temporally.’
    • ‘Civil causes ought not to appertain to the church; for such things were temporal, and ought to pertain to the temporally, as spiritual things to the spiritually.’
    • ‘The abbey hath belonging to it temporally and spiritually plowlands and granges.’
    • ‘The temporally engaged Christian must wrestle with a world that ceaselessly denies or misunderstands the role of the divine in history.’