Meaning of tempter in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtɛm(p)tə/

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  • 1A person or thing that tempts.

    ‘You've got two villains here - the tempters and the tempted.’
    • ‘The temptress and tempters have described their seduction technique.’
    • ‘The walk is visually stunning for anyone used to a dry, brown landscape, and a serious tempter for more.’
    • ‘He is the subtle tempter of man's moral balance.’
    • ‘The women are both tempters and comforters.’
    • ‘The tempters know their limitations: only the individual can bring about his own damnation.’
    • ‘The tempter this time has been resisted.’
    • ‘Satan is the insidious tempter who whispers in men's hearts.’
    • ‘The destructive tempter is within as much as without.’
    • ‘The devil is a prominent character in the film, and takes the role of tempter and power broker.’
    • ‘Many varieties of religion have long spoken about a Satan or tempter.’
    1. 1.1the TempterThe Devil.
      ‘Jesus resisted the Tempter.’
      • ‘He is quite unlike the biblical Tempter in his actions.’
      • ‘His grapples with the Tempter are portrayed in dark, unsettling detail.’
      • ‘This is Satan the Tempter: jovial, charming and utterly plausible.’
      • ‘There is little appreciation of the documented tricks of The Tempter.’
      • ‘His very name, Satan, means Tempter.’
      • ‘It was as if Tempter was standing in front of her.’


Late Middle English from Old French tempteur, from ecclesiastical Latin temptator, from Latin temptare ‘to handle, test, try’.