Meaning of ten-week stock in English:

ten-week stock


  • A stock of a fast-maturing variety which can be made to bloom ten weeks after sowing, widely grown as a bedding plant.

    Matthiola incana variety ‘Annua’, family Cruciferae

    ‘Sow Annuals like antirrhinums, pansies, violas, Iceland poppies for flowering next Spring need to be sown early in the month, with ten-week stock being sown towards the end of the month.’
    • ‘The most important species is M.annua, the ‘ten-week stocks,’ of which the varieties are innumerable.’
    • ‘The left-hand side is for flowers: here you can put in four rows; for instance, touch-me-nots, flytrap, Venus's looking-glass, and ten-week stocks.’
    • ‘Transplant the less tender or hardier flower plants: the African and French marigold, chrysanthemums, the marvel of Peru, China aster, India-pink, ten-week stocks and the common kinds of balsams, the capiscums, mignonette, persicaria, cabiouses, and Chinese holly-hocks.’