Meaning of ten pound pom in English:

ten pound pom


historical, informal Australian, New Zealand
  • A British immigrant whose passage was heavily subsidized by the Australian and New Zealand governments, under the Assisted Passage Scheme operating between 1945 and 1982.

    • ‘I'd been working in Mooroopna for a year or so, having arrived as a ten pound pom’
    • ‘Having a ten pound pom for a Dad has certain affects on an Aussie child.’
    • ‘He arrived in the great sunburned land down under as what was known then as a ten pound pom.’
    • ‘He spoke of poetry and emigration to New Zealand as a ten pound pom, his discovery of marching girls, local verse, and suburban dreariness.’
    • ‘Today, the ten pound poms looking for a new life have been replaced by international sophisticates sipping martinis in this stunningly lit bar.’
    • ‘In 1961, he became one of the ten pound poms who travelled to Australia on a government-subsidized boat passage.’
    • ‘Before arriving in Australia as one of the last of the ten pound poms, I grew up in a typical English industrial city.’
    • ‘The level of British migration is at its highest since New Zealand ended a policy of assisted passages for settlers known as ten pound poms.’
    • ‘Her family left Wales as ten pound poms when she was struck down with pneumonia at the age of five.’
    • ‘The proposal has met a frosty reception from long-time British residents, especially the so-called ten pound poms who came to Australia under the Assisted Passage Scheme.’
    • ‘The ten pound poms left in their droves for Australia, enticed by subsidised travel and settlement.’


1940s from the fare which immigrants paid + Pom.