Meaning of tena koe in English:

tena koe


New Zealand
  • A Maori greeting addressed to one person only.

    ‘the facilitators were often greeted with "tena koe"’
    • ‘First of all, tena koe.’
    • ‘Tena koe, Natasha, greetings.’
    • ‘Madam Speaker, tena koe.’
    • ‘Tena koe, Mr Chairman.’
    • ‘'Rozhbash' should you be a Kurd, 'Sveiki gyvi' to the Lithuanian, and 'Tena koe' if you are Maori.’
    • ‘Tena koe, your royal highness.’
    • ‘Tena koe, I live in New Zealand and am going to China, leaving from Melbourne, and I have some questions.’
    • ‘Tena koe, and please congratulate your staff—each person we encountered was obliging and pleasant.’
    • ‘Secretary for Justice: Tena koe, I wish to express concern about four aspects of the Family Court Proceedings Reform Bill.’
    • ‘Tena koe, I have not been on-site for quite a while so have just viewed your comments and info regarding my dad.’


tena koe

/ˈtɛnɑː ˌkweɪ/ /ˈteɪnɑː ˌkweɪ/


Mid 19th century Maori, literally there you are.