Meaning of tenant farmer in English:

tenant farmer


  • A person who farms rented land.

    ‘Ted worked as a tenant farmer at Toothill Farm.’
    • ‘After working as a farm worker, I became a tenant farmer at Coniston Hall Farm.’
    • ‘As a tenant farmer, he lacks land of his own.’
    • ‘A tenant farmer paid roughly 50 per cent of his crop in rent.’
    • ‘The tenant farmer who currently occupies the farm is due to retire later this year.’
    • ‘The average income of a tenant farmer in 1938 was $73 per year.’
    • ‘Almost two-thirds of a tenant farmer's profit would be taken up by market rent.’
    • ‘His father, a tenant farmer, was turfed off his land by the estate owners.’
    • ‘The hay will be harvested once a year by a local tenant farmer.’
    • ‘He worked his way up to being a tenant farmer over 20 years.’
    • ‘I grew up in Colorado; my father was a poor tenant farmer.’
    • ‘His father was a tenant farmer, but ensured that William got a good education.’
    • ‘The son of an English tenant farmer, he received a good education and little else.’
    • ‘He was struggling to make a living as a tenant farmer.’
    • ‘His father had been an embittered hired hand to a poor tenant farmer.’
    • ‘Working their own land gave laborers hope of a rise in status to that of the small tenant farmer.’
    • ‘In 1880 there was probably very little economic difference between the tenant farmer and the landless labourer.’
    • ‘Many of the inner-city poor of the United States descend from farm laborers and tenant farmers.’
    • ‘Owners provided tenant farmers with arable land to rent and necessary resources.’
    • ‘Tenant farmers were forcibly exiled to make way for sheep.’