Meaning of tenuity in English:


Pronunciation /tɪˈnjuːɪti/


mass noun
  • Lack of solidity or substance; thinness.

    ‘the tenuity of the barrier between them’
    • ‘They had the tall curve of elms, the tenuity of poplars, the ashen colour of olives under a rainy sky; and they stretched ahead of me for half a mile or more without a break in their arch.’
    • ‘The universal ether of science, which exists in extreme tenuity, can be proved to possess some weight.’
    • ‘The exceeding tenuity of the object of our dread was apparent; for all heavenly objects were plainly visible through it.’
    • ‘Not the least of its peculiarities is the great tenuity of all the bones.’
    • ‘To what a degree of tenuity then this silky matter can be reduced that stretches out in threads of which it takes ten thousand to equal the size of one hair!’
    • ‘Another proof of their tenuity is the fact of their not being well seen in telescopes of high magnifying power.’


Late Middle English from Latin tenuitas, from tenuis ‘thin’.