Meaning of TER in English:



  • ‘she topped the state with a 100 TER and won numerous scholarships’
    • ‘While higher education staff look at TER scores to predict success in a course of study, the TAFE sector prefers examples of ability.’
    • ‘The selection process is based entirely on the quality of the writing and the potential of the writer, rather than less specific criteria including TER scores or the ability to pay.’
    • ‘Universities regularly take a variety of student circumstances into account and there can be admissions up to 15 points below the published TER.’
    • ‘In some courses, there is a required TER level.’
    • ‘She will need a TER of 97 or 98 to get into physiotherapy at university.’
    • ‘Despite scoring a TER of 47.25, he went on to become a millionaire with his own business and 17 staff.’
    • ‘The list ranks all the schools in Melbourne according to how many students scored a TER over 90.’
    • ‘The TER for teaching is low and the status of the teaching professions is low.’
    • ‘The note says "Zero personality, max TER!"’
    • ‘The young student had a very low OP (Queensland version of the TER).’