Meaning of teratogen in English:



  • An agent or factor which causes malformation of an embryo.

    ‘There are no absolute teratogens; however, many agents can exhibit teratogenic effects under certain circumstances.’
    • ‘The use of nicotine replacement therapy in pregnancy can avoid exposure to teratogens such as carbon monoxide in tobacco smoke.’
    • ‘Alcohol is a known teratogen whose neurobehavioral effects have been found to be more injurious than cocaine and other drugs abused prenatally.’
    • ‘This is crucial not only for investigating potential teratogens but also for monitoring new prenatal screening and diagnostic tests.’
    • ‘Identifying potential teratogens in your patient's work environment, such as dry-cleaning fluids, pesticides or chemicals, is equally important.’



/tɛˈratədʒ(ə)n/ /ˈtɛrətədʒ(ə)n/