Meaning of term limit in English:

term limit


  • A legal limit on the number of terms, or consecutive terms, that the holder of a particular office may serve.

    ‘San Antonio mayors have a term limit of four terms’
    • ‘Term limits should be imposed on a company's operating officers.’
    • ‘A term limit for the presidency was set at five years in 1984.’
    • ‘He was one of several members of the Senate judiciary subcommittee who hurried to agree with the president that term limits represented an undemocratic restriction on voters.’
    • ‘The Council voted to extend term limits to 12 years from 8.’
    • ‘New York voters passed term limits in 1993, and polls show they remain strongly in favor of them.’
    • ‘The beating began a wave of reforms for the police department, including stricter term limits for police chiefs.’
    • ‘She is barred by term limits from serving as president beyond March 2015.’
    • ‘He released a new web video on Tuesday highlighting his support for term limits on members of Congress.’
    • ‘The plan includes proposing a Constitutional amendment to impose term limits on members of Congress. ’
    • ‘Many US states have term limits, and I haven't seen any literature showing states with term limits are better run than similar states without.’