Meaning of terminus ad quem in English:

terminus ad quem

Pronunciation /ˈtəːmɪnəs ˌad ˌkwɛm/


  • 1The point at which something ends or finishes.

    ‘Hence the terminus ad quem can by no possibility be referred to a date later than the last decade but two of the second century.’
    • ‘Instead they have, in effect, imposed their own terminus ad quem, being the date of the raising of the present action.’
    • ‘The text provides no date by which the terminus ad quem (a final limiting point in time) can be fixed.’
    • ‘The good as value is the final cause of the action because it attracts the agent to realize that goal or end, the terminus ad quem.’
    • ‘Accordingly, the terminus ad quem for my study of the Korean diaspora will be approximately 1965 when the immigration laws of the United States were relaxed, bringing a large influx of Koreans into the country and thereby changing the character of the diaspora.’
    1. 1.1An aim or goal.


Latin, literally ‘end to which’.