Meaning of terminus ante quem in English:

terminus ante quem

Pronunciation /ˌantɪ ˈkwɛm/


  • The latest possible date for something.

    ‘1467 represents a terminus ante quem for the death of Fahreddin Acemi’
    • ‘This should provide a date of c.70 B.C. as a terminus ante quem non for this occupation layer.’
    • ‘In fact, the chapter's conclusion only states a terminus a quo with any conviction, while his earlier confidence regarding a terminus ante quem seems to disappear unexplainably.’
    • ‘This may well mark the arrival of the first copies for sale in America, and thus give a terminus ante quem for the publication of the completed set.’
    • ‘The writ clearly sets a terminus post quem for the addition, but can hardly provide a terminus ante quem for the text itself.’
    • ‘This would provide a terminus ante quem, but, again, we cannot date the essay on The Pythian Oracles with certainty.’
    • ‘The Pompeii figurine carries a terminus ante quem date of 79 CE, when the Vesuvius erupted and buried Pompeii in a layer of ash.’


Latin, literally ‘end before which’.