Meaning of ternlet in English:



  • (in Australia, New Zealand, and India) a small tern.

    Family Sternidae (or Laridae): several species, in particular the grey ternlet (Procelsterna cerulea) (alternative name: blue-grey noddy)

    • ‘Lesser known to the general public are grey ternlets which generally stay well out at sea but may shelter on land during continuously stormy weather.’
    • ‘Boobies nest along the windy cliffs, white terns drift like snowflakes among the kentia palm forests and ternlets nest along the base of the cliffs.’
    • ‘Storm petrels and grey ternlets skimmed the waves around us.’
    • ‘When we left about an hour later we counted the ternlets again - between 50 and 60.’
    • ‘Crested, Sooty and Grey-backed terns, blue-grey noddies and masked boobies all lay their eggs on the ground within these designated protected zones making no proper nest.’
    • ‘Balls Pyramid is home to tens of thousands of seabirds, including gray ternlets, wedge-tailed shearwaters, and black-winged petrels.’
    • ‘A few black-naped terns, and fewer ternlets, laid eggs on the strand, and the brown-winged - which incubates in miniature caves and grottoes and under shelving rocks, and is therefore unaffected by tidal inconstancies - had a most prosperous season, the colony dispersing stronger in numbers than ever.’
    • ‘Fourteen species of seabirds breed on the islands, including masked boobys, grey ternlets, sooty terns, white terns, common noddys, black noddys, red-tailed tropic birds, little shearwaters, wedge-tailed shearwaters, flesh-footed shearwaters, black-winged petrels, whitebellied storm petrels, Kermadec petrels and Providence petrels.’
    • ‘Other important species breeding within the preserve include Kermadec petrel, black-winged petrel, wedge-tailed shearwater, little shearwater, white-bellied storm petrel, masked booby, red-tailed tropic bird, Sooty tern, noddy and grey ternlet.’
    • ‘The island is inhabited by nesting Pacific masked boobies and Pacific gray ternlets.’
    • ‘The tern family has many different looking birds living here, including the solid black and brown noddies, the beautiful blue-grey noddy, the white tern (manu sina), and the grey-backed tern (gogo sina).’