Meaning of terrene in English:


Pronunciation /tɛˈriːn/


  • 1 archaic Of or like earth.

    ‘terrene dust’
    • ‘Mark while I build from out this terrene dust, a structure that shall witness and withstand Time's ravages and rust.’
    terrestrial, telluric, tellurian
    1. 1.1Occurring on or inhabiting dry land.
      ‘a terrene vertebrate’
      • ‘The initially created ‘globe of terrene and aqueous particles, mingled in confusion and commotion’ would naturally, under the laws of gravity, instantly begin to precipitate strata on the universal ocean bottom.’
      • ‘Myers believed that telepathy and telaesthesia ‘cannot have been acquired by natural selection, for the preservation of the race, during the process or terrene evolution’.’
      • ‘But if the doctrine of the human form brings unity to our conceptions of mankind, and sees the terrene man as a globe of societies and churches, its effects upon moral philosophy are not less important, for it embraces kindreds and tongues in one fraternal whole.’
      • ‘She does not speak as do elves, men, dwarves, and other mortal terrene creatures.’
    2. 1.2Of the world; secular rather than spiritual.
      ‘And the vagueness was because that principle of my terrene nature which was the seat of earthly sensing, and of memories of things perceived, was left with the body.’
      • ‘He declares the philosophy of the Grecians, or the ethnick philosophy, to be based only on the second, and to be terrene, animal, and diabolical, not being founded on the deific corner-stone, namely, Jesus Christ, who is the essential substance and foundation of the true science.’
      earthly, terrestrial, temporal, mundane, mortal, human, non-spiritual, unspiritual, material, materialistic, physical, tangible, carnal, fleshly, bodily, corporeal, gross, sensual, base, sordid, vile, profane


Middle English from Anglo-Norman French, from Latin terrenus, from terra ‘earth’.