Meaning of territorial imperative in English:

territorial imperative


Zoology Psychology
  • The need to claim and defend a territory.

    ‘the way people use space, including their seating arrangements and conversational distance, reflects territorial imperative’
    • ‘variables of ecological space influence postulations of a territorial imperative’
    • ‘Importantly, this was not by territorial acquisition, but by the creation of a new political superstructure whose very purpose was to eliminate the crisis originally created by the territorial imperative.’
    • ‘However, because of tribal rules, jurisdictional disputes, and territorial imperatives, each chief was reluctant to become involved in the struggle.’
    • ‘How doctors decorate their consulting rooms can be a matter of style, personal preference, territorial imperatives, or culture.’
    • ‘According to Milton Henry who talked about ‘territorial imperative’, ‘the urge for territory seems to be an innate, deeply rooted part of the nature of all living species of animals.’’