Meaning of tertiary entrance rank in English:

tertiary entrance rank


  • A mark awarded to school students which indicates their eligibility for college or university.

    ‘the study found associations between tertiary education rank and professional achievement’
    • ‘We have had no difficulty in filling the places as the program attracts students with a high Tertiary Entrance Rank.’
    • ‘Selection was based on the tertiary entrance rank for students who entered directly from the final year of high school.’
    • ‘I received a letter from a student who, after gaining a tertiary entrance rank of 98.9 decided to study classical Greek at the University of Sydney.’
    • ‘The website would provide students with their TEE results, their Tertiary Entrance Rank (TER) and eligibility messages for university, plus other important information.’
    • ‘From these results, universities can then develop a Tertiary Entrance Rank to prioritise students for selection.’
    • ‘These board-determined courses are centrally designed and examined and contribute to the tertiary entrance rank.’
    • ‘A single, state-wide Tertiary Entrance Rank system was introduced to replace the tertiary entrance score.’
    • ‘Each student paper was assigned a score that was developed into a Tertiary Entrance Rank.’
    • ‘In NSW, universities select on the basis of the Tertiary Entrance Rank.’
    • ‘The almost universal criterion for the selection of the vast majority of applicants to university has been the Tertiary Entrance Rank.’