Meaning of tesla in English:



(also T)
  • The SI unit of magnetic flux density.

    ‘A magnet with 1.0 tesla field strength would have a stronger magnetic field and be more forceful than a magnet with a 0.5 tesla magnetic field.’
    • ‘While most MRI systems in use today are powered 1.5-tesla or 3.0-telsa magnets, this new high resolution MRI system has a 9.4-tesla magnet, built by GE Healthcare.’
    • ‘Such a current would produce a magnetic field of up to 15 tesla in these wires - powerful enough to use in several futuristic spacecraft propulsion systems, which is why the Army has awarded Adams’ team a grant to develop the technology.’
    • ‘In fields of 100,000 volts per meter and 17 tesla - which can be created in the lab - the material should move at a rate of 50 nanometers per second, Feigel says, which should be measurable.’
    • ‘A brain MRI scan performed with a high-field magnet (1.5 tesla or greater) is abnormal in almost all patients who have clinically definite MS.’



/ˈtɛslə/ /ˈtɛzlə/


1960s named after N. Tesla (see Tesla, Nikola).