Meaning of Tesla coil in English:

Tesla coil


  • A form of induction coil for producing high-frequency alternating currents.

    ‘He invented the Tesla coil to create high-frequency electricity, used in TV tubes, neon and fluorescent lighting, radio transmission, remote control and hundreds of other devices which are an essential part of our everyday lives.’
    • ‘As the years passed, the boy studied the mechanical innovations of the industrial revolution: Tesla coils, electro-magnetism, telephones, phonographs, dynamos, incandescent bulbs, and turbines.’
    • ‘The Machine was covered in tubes and spheres, Tesla coils and electrodes, funnels and jars, micro chips and transistors.’
    • ‘I also remember a science fair where he made a Tesla coil that was an absolutely gorgeous object, copper wire wrapped around glass.’
    • ‘Incidentally, Tesla coils of the same quality and performance criteria as the ‘Novalite 2000 ‘can be easily built by any hobbyist for about $500 in parts, or purchased already assembled for about $1,000.’’
    • ‘It's a powerful and faintly sinister phrase, one you might imagine some B-movie mad scientist muttering as he puts the finishing touches on some infernal machine amidst a clutter of bubbling retorts and crackling Tesla coils.’
    • ‘Tesla's discoveries include the fluorescent light, the rotating magnetic field (the basis of most alternating-current machinery), wireless transmission of electrical energy, radio, remote control, and of course, the Tesla coil.’
    • ‘But he is most famous for the visually stunning Tesla coil, the largest of which reportedly created thunder audible from 15 miles away, and discharged 12-million-volt, 100-foot-long electrical sparks.’