Meaning of test flight in English:

test flight



  • A flight during which the performance of an aircraft or its equipment is tested.

    ‘The first test flight of the new aircraft will take place before the end of March and Singapore Airlines will be the first to operate the A380 in spring 2006.’
    • ‘The decision came a week ahead of the first test flight of Australia's Wedgetail aircraft at Seattle in the US, where the aircraft are being built.’
    • ‘The first aircraft assembled was aircraft number 43 which was flown on a test flight shortly thereafter for twelve minutes.’
    • ‘In one such incident, he was in a test flight when one of the engines cut out on his aircraft, she said.’
    • ‘Taxiing back from our test flight, there was a kind of nervous excitement in the cabin.’
    • ‘It has been said over and over again by the senior shuttle program management that every flight is a test flight.’
    • ‘The plane was on a test flight and ditched in a lagoon one mile from the field.’
    • ‘On 17 January 2003, the third test flight was undertaken.’
    • ‘The six-hour test flight over western Washington State enabled Boeing to confirm the compatibility of the MESA radar with aircraft systems.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, on its first test flight, it flew only 500 yards at an altitude of 100 feet before crashing.’
    • ‘There were twelve gallons of fuel aboard - plenty for a short test flight.’
    • ‘He made arrangements for me to fly any time there was a test flight.’
    • ‘Since John had to do a test flight, it was an excellent chance for a photo mission.’
    • ‘The test flight was carried out in a microlight aircraft.’
    • ‘After substantial refurbishment, it performed its first test flight in 1998 and has since appeared at several air shows.’
    • ‘They currently plan to perform an unmanned test flight in the third week of December from Kindersley, Saskatchewan.’
    • ‘After the successful test flight, Altair glided to a landing on the remote desert runway.’
    • ‘I was the third pilot to take the glider for a test flight yesterday at Quest.’
    • ‘Nasa scientists had hoped to make aviation history with the supersonic test flight.’
    • ‘In January, the European aircraft manufacturer will roll out the first of its A380 super-jumbos, in preparation for its first test flight by the end of March.’