Meaning of Test match in English:

Test match


  • An international cricket or rugby match, typically one of a series, played between teams representing two different countries.

    ‘the Test match between Pakistan and the West Indies’
    • ‘The former Sydney City rugby league player, in only his second test match for the Wallabies, landed just one of three penalty attempts in the first-half.’
    • ‘The most difficult match in any competition is the first, and nothing can prepare a team for the change of pace required at international level like a test match.’
    • ‘I watched the best part of five evenings worth of an international test match on TV recently.’
    • ‘Normally, five days are scheduled for a test match, but a match can take fewer if a side is beaten in a shorter period.’
    • ‘A fascinating test match comes to a conclusion tomorrow.’
    • ‘He made his debut in the second test match in Melbourne against England in 1901/02 and made 104.’
    • ‘The Boxing Day cricket test match is an annual event watched on television by many residents.’
    • ‘The players were only advised of their selection today as they travelled back from Buenos Aires where they have been playing in a test match series against Argentina.’
    • ‘The match was a cracker, befitting an inaugural test match.’
    • ‘The story states that no team has ever scored more than 418 to win a test match.’
    • ‘The only mention of sports news in the front page was a reminder that the next cricket test match was to begin in Kolkatta.’
    • ‘The eleven players batting it out in the first test match in Galle have all earned their place.’
    • ‘My friends and I would park ourselves throughout the night on the pavement outside Chepauk, waiting for the gates to be opened, to watch a five-day test match!’
    • ‘The only memory I had of listening to a test match on the radio was as a small fellow in the 1950s: the All Blacks playing the Springboks in South Africa.’
    • ‘Sport, show business and ethnic culture seamlessly blend in New Zealand's favourite sport, rugby, with the haka preceding every test match.’
    • ‘Standing in only his seventh test match and for the fifth time with England, he has already helped the game by improving the standard of umpiring which had previously been poor in this series.’
    • ‘In 1971, rain ruined a test match being played between Australia and England in Melbourne, but the weather was fine on the last scheduled day.’
    • ‘He was omitted from the squad for the test match.’
    • ‘If we are well in front, the coach is well within the realm of common sense in pulling good players for an early shower to allow rookies their moment in the sun to get the feel of a real test match.’
    • ‘This game may have been formally billed as a World Cup warm-up, but none of the 60,000 crowd basking in Cardiff sun were in any doubt that this was a real test match.’
    contest, competition, game, tournament, tie, cup tie, event, fixture, trial, test, test match, meet, bout, fight, duel


Test match