Meaning of tête de cuvée in English:

tête de cuvée

nounplural noun têtes de cuvées/ˌtɛt də kjuːˈveɪ/ /ˌteɪt/ /tɛt də kyve/

  • 1A wine produced from the first pressing of the grapes, generally considered superior in quality.

    ‘such a tête de cuvée usually merits bottling under a prestige label’
    • ‘tête de cuvée made especially for the connoisseur’
    • ‘Though they are not really considered tete de cuvee, bottles that carry just as much clout on the connoisseur market are anything from Salon and Krug.’
    • ‘Featured will be the tete de cuvee of the top Champagne houses, the rare gems of Cartier, the French furs and accessories of Bloomingdales and the superior craftsmanship and designs of Roche Bobois.’
    • ‘The so-called tetes de cuvees, or super-Champagnes like Dom Perignon and Roederer Cristal - made from the very best grapes, aged longer and packaged in fancy bottles - are equally controversial.’
    • ‘The Lafitte was not only the least expensive wine poured that night, but it more than held its own against some têtes de cuvées ranging up to more than $200.’
    • ‘Krug's standard wine is so much better than most producers’ tete de cuvee, and this wine, made entirely of Chardonnay grapes from a select vineyard, really sets the curve.’
    • ‘A very popular marque in Europe, Charles Lafitte is best known for the tête de cuvée ‘Orgueil de France’ which is fashioned in an opulent, Edwardian style.’
    • ‘For a champagne lover, witnessing the birth of a new tête de cuvêe elicits an excitement on par with that which an astronomer experiences upon discovering a new comet.’
    1. 1.1A vineyard producing the best wine in the locality of a village.


tête de cuvée

/ˌtɛt də kjuːˈveɪ/ /ˌteɪt/ /tɛt də kyve/


French, literally ‘head of the vatful’.