Meaning of tetradactyl in English:


Pronunciation /ˌtɛtrəˈdaktɪl/


  • (of a vertebrate limb) having four toes or fingers.

    ‘Unlike other tetradactyl salamanders, S. keyserlingii normally has the fifth tarsale, developing to fuse later with the fourth tarsale.’
    • ‘In 1991, a single track of a tetradactyl tetrapod was found in a white/grey sandstone near Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England.’
    • ‘Are trackways known in which the hind-foot impressions are tetradactyl with long, very narrow unguals?’
    • ‘The basic avian foot is tetradactyl.’
    • ‘These precocious (Late Triassic) tetradactyl fliers developed a unique wing predicated upon a greatly elongated fourth finger.’