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text editor


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  • A system or program that allows a user to edit text.

    ‘Now we are going to change the permissions on the XF86Config file, so your GUI text editor can edit it under your normal account.’
    • ‘Many Weblog packages offer desktop applications that ease this pain, allowing users to write using a word processor or simple text editor and upload the final product when they are done.’
    • ‘The most common way for him to do this is to compose his message with the text editor or word processor of his choice and save it to disk.’
    • ‘All she needs from a computer is a text editor for writing and a spreadsheet program for organizing.’
    • ‘It should stay up, support large numbers of open browser windows without crashing, have a tolerable text editor (or word processor if you absolutely insist), and it should be easy for me to cut and paste.’
    • ‘Step 1: Open your text editor or word processor and write down all the words and phrases that you might have searched for if you were looking for a company which offers products and services similar to yours.’
    • ‘There are two ways to edit the configuration file, either using Red Hat's browser-based HTTP Configuration Tool, or directly editing it via a text editor.’
    • ‘Up to now, the development tools have also been rather basic, with most programmers sitting in front of a text editor to develop their graphical effects.’
    • ‘By the way, if you don't already know how to operate a Unix text editor such as vi you will definitely learn.’
    • ‘SAs generally select their favorite text editor and manually edit the files as needed.’
    • ‘If the higher priority process waiting to run is a text editor in which the user is typing or an MP3 player ready to refill its audio buffer, the result is poor interactive performance.’
    • ‘You can then edit it with a text editor such as wordpad.’
    • ‘Open the named.conf file for editing in your favorite text editor.’
    • ‘The software includes more than fifty new features, including a text editor and a new macro language.’
    • ‘You can use a standard Manila file folder and loose-leaf paper or you may want to create a folder on your computer and use a text editor such as Microsoft Word for your pages.’
    • ‘You'll save some time if you write and save all your profile data to a text editor or word processor file.’
    • ‘It's created using a simple text editor like Notepad or Wordpad, complicated word processors such as Microsoft Word will only corrupt the file.’
    • ‘I remember from using NeXT having a text editor to edit source, and the Pascal compiler putting an option in the Services menu to compile and run, completely removing the save launch and load intermediate step.’
    • ‘NoteTab Pro is a leading-edge text editor and HTML coding tool, and an ideal Notepad replacement.’
    • ‘Notepad is an excellent text editor that has a variety of uses such as writing HTML, editing scripts, and writing ezine articles - just to name a few.’