Meaning of textually in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtɛkstʃʊ(ə)li/


See textual

‘A textually corrupt quarto of Pericles appeared in 1609 and was reprinted five times; the play was omitted from the first folio of 1623, but was included in the second issue of the third Folio of 1664.’
  • ‘Mullen's idea of this kind of hybrid poetry is that there are different registers of language, cultures - high and low - spliced and interlaced together textually.’
  • ‘Given the play in question, and the period, a corollary statement might be that Smith's project was the most textually complex Shakespeare edition imagined up to that point.’
  • ‘Such a conclusion is as philosophically bizarre as it is textually unwarranted.’
  • ‘Its visually and textually balanced story sheds light on a unique practice and how this religious belief contributes to the cultural and spiritual fabric of an indigenous people.’