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Pronunciation /ˈtɛkstʃə/

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mass noun
  • 1The feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or substance.

    ‘skin texture and tone’
    • ‘the cheese is firm in texture’
    • ‘the different colours and textures of bark’
    • ‘The frog's brown and yellow coloring, as well as its rough texture, allow it to blend in with the mud and tree trunks in its environment.’
    • ‘It was sweet and tangy and gooey - a blissful companion of flavours and textures.’
    • ‘The quartz grains are well-rounded and often show frosted, pitted surface textures.’
    • ‘This wine is known for its rich, silky texture and complex character.’
    • ‘An easy way to include different textures is to mix evergreen and deciduous plants.’
    • ‘It has a glass and curved aluminum roof that displays beautiful textures and colors.’
    • ‘The vegetables were tender and their different textures made for interesting contrasts in the mouth.’
    • ‘Besides being a source of fast-digesting carbs, that type of cereal will add thickness and texture to your protein shake.’
    • ‘They did have similar eyes and hair coloring, even the same skin textures and pigments.’
    • ‘The result is paper with a rough-edged and impressive texture.’
    • ‘The complexity of the fossilization process is reflected in the presence of different textures in adjacent cells of the same tissue.’
    • ‘The avocado tends to be quite creamy in texture, and the combination of the pink grapefruit and the avocado with the crab would be an automatic combination as the perfect salad.’
    • ‘To start, make a note of the colours and textures in your home's building stone, roofing tiles and garden walls.’
    • ‘An array of small dishes is placed before the guests with a range of colours, flavours, textures, and aromas.’
    • ‘With a myriad of tones, textures, sizes and shapes, a garden planted purely with foliage plants can be an exciting place to be.’
    • ‘The children would be introduced to papers of different colours, textures and shapes.’
    • ‘Rattles and bright toys that have different textures and sounds are often good sources of entertainment.’
    • ‘These sweets are produced in bright colours and soft textures, and include children's favourites such as jelly babies.’
    • ‘I brushed a finger along the side of his face, feeling the rough texture of the dark stubble he was allowing to remain on his chin.’
    • ‘I blinked in surprise; her dark, sandy-blond hair, rough in texture, was now streaked with green.’
    feel, touch
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    1. 1.1The character or appearance of a textile fabric as determined by the arrangement and thickness of its threads.
      ‘a dark shirt of rough texture’
      • ‘The ‘girl’ was cloaked in a brown tartan stuff of a rough texture, poor fabric, no doubt.’
      • ‘Keep in mind, shrinkage may affect the appearance and texture of dry-clean only fabric.’
      • ‘For playful touches that contrast with felt's matte texture, thread shiny satin ribbon through slits in the fabric or weave it into a pillow front.’
      • ‘It was the colorful patterns of these textiles and their plush texture that tested the artists' abilities.’
      • ‘It returns to the origins of the wallpaper industry, combining the appearance and texture of luxurious fabric with a modern natural feel.’
      • ‘Two of the best selling fabric-effect tiles are linen and satin, both of which successfully replicate the look and texture of the fabrics.’
      • ‘There also was a feeling of texture in many fabrics, created through tie-dye, batik and ombred effects.’
      • ‘Embroidery of a vast variety and fabrics of every texture are being used.’
      • ‘In fashion designing, the colour, weave, design and texture of the fabric play a very important role.’
      • ‘I turn slightly in it now, the rough woven texture of the cloth rubbing my neck.’
      • ‘I believe the texture in the fabric was called slub and they may be an acetate rayon blend.’
      • ‘Ford admits that it is the fabrics, their texture in particular, which inspire and drive the designs for each collection.’
      • ‘Yet his great insight is to recognize that it was the hue and texture of fabric taken together, more than the cut and tailoring, that determined the value of a garment.’
      • ‘The man lightly traces his hand over the fabric, feeling the texture and imagining the day it was worn.’
      • ‘In spite of my goose bumps, I love the texture of the soft fabric against my bare back.’
      • ‘By changing the direction of her satin stitches on the leaves and flowers, she created texture and the allusion of dimension.’
      • ‘Her most interesting work is double-woven, which creates variations in texture.’
      • ‘In much the same way, tapestry has everything painting has, with the added tactile allure of texture.’
      texture, surface, finish, grain, nap
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    2. 1.2Art The tactile quality of the surface of a work of art.
      ‘As in paintings by Malevich and Mondrian, one can detect irregularities of surface texture that come from dragging a brush across the canvas.’
      • ‘The horizontal texture of evenly wiped paint emulates the scan lines of a video screen.’
      • ‘The use of layered hand-made paper of different quality gives varied texture to the painting.’
      • ‘He often added wax or sand to his paint, increasing its texture and calling attention to the paint's materiality.’
      • ‘When translated into watercolor on silk, her paintings retain both the muted palette and slightly wrinkled texture of the leaf collages.’
    3. 1.3The quality created by the combination of the different elements in a work of music or literature.
      ‘a closely knit symphonic texture’
      • ‘Nelson's comping on the vibes creates a texture that is more ethereal than a pianist's and helps define Holland's compositional sound.’
      • ‘The pentatonicism helps lighten the contrapuntal texture.’
      • ‘One of the ways in which this foreshadowing of Agnes's death is expressed in the poem is through the swan imagery so deeply embedded in the poem's figural texture.’
      • ‘Too often crucial instrumental details were obscured in the mushy orchestral texture.’
      • ‘Now I'm starting to appreciate the interplay of musical texture and lyrical directness.’
      • ‘The single Two Months Off is glorious, a mass of shifting electronic textures and exuberant, repetitious vocals.’
      • ‘The absolute clarity of the orchestral texture allowed for the sometimes jarring harmonies and raucous percussion effects to be highlighted.’
      • ‘Pianist Damon Denton scampers through Shostakovich's figurations with a keen ear for melody and texture.’
      • ‘When certain musicians were not available to do their parts friends were brought in to fill the gaps, and this has only added to the depth and texture of the music.’
      • ‘They often comment on the flavour, texture and overall quality of the beef which we believe is due to the lengthy hanging process.’
      • ‘While the two-voice texture does indeed simplify the music, because of the complex rhythms it is not particularly easy music to play.’
      • ‘Zafón weaves layer upon layer within his novel, so that his plots and subplots create a rich texture.’
      • ‘Although both narrators are prone to purple passages, the texture of Singer's Gothic prose remains one of the novel's strengths.’
      • ‘Solos are kept short and sweet, and the frequent shifts in texture and instrumental combinations keep things interesting.’
      • ‘That is a perfect description of an elaborate contrapuntal texture with ‘emancipated dissonance’.’
      • ‘Sides expertly creates texture by weaving into his double narrative some more personal, more emotional vignettes that add color and pathos.’
      • ‘Clare's impeccable performances create a transparency of texture consistent with whatever they sing.’
      • ‘Though simple in style and clean in texture, the primo parts of these duets provide the teacher with many opportunities to teach musicianship.’
      • ‘Though no subsequent comedy has transformation woven so fully into its texture as this, Ovid was of continued importance in Shakespeare's later work in the genre.’
      • ‘Rochford also writes music - exploring the farthest reaches of tonality and texture - for the two tenor saxes, bass and drums of his own band Polar Bear.’


[with object]
  • Give (something) a rough or uneven texture.

    ‘the artist textures the paper with scalpel blades’
    • ‘Repeatedly press the leather stamp over the clay until the entire surface is textured.’
    • ‘The first of the final finish coats was textured to provide a nonslip walking surface.’
    • ‘Kitchen paper towels applied to the surface result in a barely visible, textured grid.’
    • ‘Printed and textured linen will be snapped up and mixed with existing plain linen garments.’
    • ‘Some have textured tops and the dimpled surface is thin enough to allow candlelight to shine through the porcelain.’
    • ‘She glued textured rubber onto the stairs to ease her pet's trip around the house.’
    • ‘Films and sheets made from the polymer blends may be textured so as to increase the bulk hand feel.’
    • ‘Petrea volubilis is also known as the Sandpaper vine because of its roughly textured leaves.’
    • ‘The Fabric Effect is a collection of lightly textured wall-coverings and borders.’
    • ‘There are also beautifully textured fabrics available from many outlets.’
    • ‘The paint mass is weighty and roughly textured, but the visual effect is minimalist.’
    • ‘It's so richly textured that it almost resembles Braille, and I imagine he goes through tubes of paint by the truckload.’
    • ‘I have never eaten chicken so juicy, well textured and perfectly cooked.’
    • ‘Amy decided to cut Jan's hair shorter, making it more textured so that it looked tidier and was easier to look after.’
    • ‘The walls of the pinnacle were bizarrely shaped and textured and formed strange silhouettes in the midday sun.’
    • ‘A quick grind with a pestle and mortar produces a finely textured flavouring for cooking.’
    • ‘The glass installed here should be opal or sufficiently textured to obscure the view in.’
    • ‘Later we look at recent paintings that are as rich and densely textured as a medieval hanging.’
    • ‘This device bridges the newly placed pavement, texturing the surface to produce a skid-resistant and quiet pavement, and then applies a curing compound.’
    • ‘Odds and ends around the house, such as forks, lace fabric, and toy truck tires, can be used to texture clay surfaces.’


Late Middle English (denoting a woven fabric or something resembling this): from Latin textura ‘weaving’, from text- ‘woven’, from the verb texere.