Meaning of Thai boxing in English:

Thai boxing


mass noun
  • A traditional Thai martial art in which the fists, elbows, knees, and bare feet may all be used to deliver blows.

    ‘The boxers thrilled the crowd with their expertise in the unique characteristics of Thai boxing.’
    • ‘Thai boxing, where absolutely anything seems to go, is a national sport.’
    • ‘In spite of this apparent degree of laxity, Thai boxing is a very skillful sport.’
    • ‘In addition to soccer, two of the most popular sports among French youth in the banlieue are basketball and Thai boxing.’
    • ‘The cultural performances will include Thai handicraft making, Thai cooking and Thai boxing.’
    • ‘The show featured many famous Thai artists and shows such Muay Thai boxing, student bands and traditional Thai theater.’
    • ‘Special shows featured ancient and modern Thai boxing.’
    • ‘Later that evening, the Thai House Restaurant hosted a dinner party for the players and treated them to a show of Thai boxing and traditional entertainment.’
    • ‘Later in the evening a dinner party at the Ruen Thai Restaurant will welcome the players with Thai boxing and traditional entertainment.’
    • ‘Besides the sunset, the guests will also be treated to Thai boxing and Thai dancing shows during dinner.’
    • ‘Ramsay's conversion to Thai boxing came when he spotted someone in the university sports hall practising on a punch bag.’
    • ‘I train in Thai boxing six days a week - so a lot of dedication is necessary.’
    • ‘Thai boxing is quite an aggressive combat sport, but with kempo there's more emphasis on evasion and self-defence.’
    • ‘Even the ladies said they liked Thai boxing because it is so unique.’
    • ‘A former pupil at Fearns High School, Bacup, he was well known for participating in kick boxing, Thai boxing and karate competitions.’
    • ‘These two very talented 13 year olds put on a fantastic display of Thai boxing with spectacular jumping kicks and dynamic punch/knee combinations.’
    • ‘Isn't it Thai boxing where anything goes - brutal kicks and elbows to the head?’
    • ‘In addition to all that fine food, there will be demonstrations of Thai handicraft making, Thai cooking lessons, muay Thai (Thai boxing) and other cultural events.’
    • ‘Originally, we just wanted people in Thailand to be able to see Muay Thai boxing and to see it as a part of our tradition and culture.’
    • ‘Luckily, his training in Thai boxing gave him the confidence to fight the men off.’