Meaning of thanedom in English:




See thane

‘The name of Banff, by which the family was afterwards ennobled, seems to be derived from the ancient thanedom of Boyne.’
  • ‘This province originally separated itself from the unification of thanedoms that later became Nordland to join with the province Mekia and form the realm of Mekia.’
  • ‘The Capital of Throndheim, Sudania, is the largest of these thanedoms; it is the traditional seat of power of the royal family, and the King is also Thane of Sudania.’
  • ‘The Klar, a thanedom of hill dwarves, were subjugated by the Hylar following the Dwarfgate War, and many now act as servants to the Hylar, though they have their own underground city on the banks of the Urkhan Sea.’
  • ‘In Scotland, a total of sixty-three thanedoms once existed, from Haddington south of Edinburgh; from Fortingall west of Perth, across the vale of Strathmore to Fettercairn; up to Aberdeen and over to Dingwall and down to Rothiemurchus.’