Meaning of that ship has sailed in English:

that ship has sailed


  • Used in reference to an opportunity that has passed or a situation that can no longer be changed.

    • ‘we're good friends but I don't think we'll ever be anything more to each other—that ship has sailed’
    • ‘And whenever you mention sovereignty now, you will be told: "Oh, that ship has sailed".’
    • ‘That ship has sailed, and Wal-Mart is firmly at the helm.’
    • ‘Well, I still think the art direction is a little too much the style of the books' designer, Seth, as opposed to Charles M. Schulz, but I suppose that ship has sailed.’
    • ‘I think the ship has sailed on my career in a uniform, though once in awhile I joke about being available if the Yankees need another reliever.’
    • ‘It's time to accept that the ship has sailed and no matter how hard I chase after it with the world's fastest speedboat I may never catch up.’
    • ‘The signs were pointing towards Gardner making his return before the end of the month, but that ship has sailed.’
    • ‘It's great that they can still pull big numbers with this show/format in Brazil and elsewhere, but the ship has sailed in North America.’
    • ‘His smile still makes her melt, but Sarah knows that ship has sailed.’
    • ‘That ship has sailed, and there is already nuclear waste at various power plants throughout the United States.’
    • ‘"They want us to reopen the case?" "No. That ship has sailed."’