Meaning of the ant's pants in English:

the ant's pants


informal Australian
  • An outstandingly good person or thing.

    • ‘we had a great party that night thinking we were the ant's pants’
    • ‘I had always thought a quantum computer would be the ant's pants.’
    • ‘The new storage spaces are the ant's pants.’
    • ‘After a careful read of this book, I came to the conclusion that her volume is the ant's pants of how-to books in the video field.’
    • ‘That Queensland treacle is the ant's pants!’
    • ‘She thinks she's the ant's pants because her husband drives a Porsche.’
    • ‘Although my bike still wasn't as professional as most of the other guys', I thought it was the ant's pants.’
    • ‘The plush hotel had a pool and spa that were simply the ant's pants.’
    • ‘I thought he was the ant's pants.’
    • ‘Here is a car that is supposed to be the ant's pants.’
    • ‘I've already lined up some of the unemployed fishermen to man the boats and they think I'm the ant's pants.’