Meaning of the bee's knees in English:

the bee's knees

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  • An outstandingly good person or thing.

    • ‘all it needs is a little fine tuning to make it the bee's knees’
    • ‘we each had six horses and I felt I was the bee's knees’
    • ‘I hope she'll look back and realise there were 10 other people in that house who all thought she was the bee's knees.’
    • ‘It was pale blue crepe with a cowl neckline and quite fitted with cuffed sleeves and a necklace made of white beads - I thought I was the bee's knees in it.’
    • ‘It's the bee's knees, the dog's tuxedo, I absolutely love it.’
    • ‘Arts group chairman Allan Buck, said: ‘This festival is going to be the bee's knees.’’
    • ‘By the end of today you will walk into a room thinking you are the bee's knees.’
    • ‘I bought a digital camera which is simply the bee's knees.’
    • ‘For fans, though, it's the bee's knees and you wouldn't want to not own it.’
    • ‘Natural lighting in all the wards, air-conditioning throughout, it was meant to be the bee's knees.’
    • ‘You think you have all the answers, and that you're the bee's knees, but you're not.’
    • ‘Broadband is the bee's knees, according to business bosses in Britain.’
    best, finest, pride, prize, treasure, glory, wonder, flower, pearl, jewel, the jewel in the crown, masterpiece, chef-d'œuvre, leading light, pick, choice, paragon, prime, cream, the crème de la crème, elite, elect


    Late 18th century first used to denote something small and insignificant, in the 1920s transferred to the opposite sense in US slang.