Meaning of the betting is in English:

the betting is


  • It is likely.

    • ‘the betting is that the company will slash the dividend’
    • ‘The White House refused to say how long the spokesman would stay on, but the betting is that he's likely to step down sometime next year.’
    • ‘To avoid different voting systems, the betting is that STV will be recommended for parliamentary elections too.’
    • ‘In any case where a returned exile seeks to build on the land that was owned by the family, if they are lucky enough to still own it, the betting is roughly nine to one they will be refused.’
    • ‘As much as they want to shake things up, the betting is that, in the short term, the biggest change can be summed up in two sweet words for defense industry executives and investors - more money.’
    • ‘After the November results are in, the betting is that the GOP will still have a majority of state chief executives, always an important feather in the cap of a national party.’